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BpmOnBiz® is a Intelligence platform for Business Process Management.
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BpmOnBiz is a Business Process Management platform. The BpmOnBiz® System is composed of a set of modules or components, which in an integrated way by the main module, HnbEngine, allow the implementation of the BPM (Business Process Management) system in organizations.

UI Client

UI Client has developed on Sencha JS, with great enrichment of application screens. the hnbui client interface evokes a set of information access features and built-in business rules that are used on the client side. 


Business Process is a workflow engine, based on extended bpmn notation. all business processes implemented on bpmonbiz are described in xml language, being possible, through this language, their design through bpmn tools. 

Business Rule

HnB Business Rules is a configuration and validation module of specific business rules. allows you to configure the agreement settings of established service levels (sla's). 


HnB Engine is the orchestrator component of bpmonbiz. the engine is responsible for the correct execution of the different components. through the analysis of process design in hnbwflow, the engine gives instructions to each component to perform its part in the process. 

Geo Ref API

Geo Reference API is a module that makes it possible to evoke the functions made available by suppliers of georreference systems. used for route calculation, presentation of positions on maps, distances calculation, route times among other available functionalities. 

CTI Integrator

CTI Integrator module allows you to connect the application with the existing call system. 

Ident Provider

Identity Provider module for validation of access integrated with ldap systems (Active Directory). 

Business DB

Business Database and HnB OData are a module built to allow optimized access to the business data supported in the customer's relational databases. it is an interface that accelerates the treatment of data between bpmonbiz and the client's databases. 

Service Cases

Some examples of the BPMonBiz applicability in Services Area
Finantial Services

Front-End Management and Banking Contact Centre;
Automation of loan processes;
Automation of loan recovery processes;
Automation of authorization processes; 

Professional Cases

Invoice payment flow management;
Planning and project management by business processes and rules 

Industry Cases

Some examples of the BPMonBiz applicability in Industry
Retail and Storage

Automation of loyalty processes of any type of complexity in the retail area, manage marketing campaigns, analyse the efficiency of campaigns based on the metrics presented, management of B2C (Business To Customer) processes

Marketing and Telecommunications

Management of communication processes with paid channel subscribers;
Inventory management;
Management of Orders made through the Call Centre or telemarketing actions; 

Campaigns and Pharmaceuticals

Segmentation and Destination Management of pharmaceutical product presentation campaigns;
Marketing Management, Sales management cycles;
Management of Marketing actions in closed circuits 

Transports, Travel Assistance and Logistics

Automation of the main business processes to make decisions related to transport and logistics algorithms;
Management of delivery and collection teams, roadside assistance, towing services or on-site repairs.
Management of arrival times and forecasts, assignments and dispatch of services automatically.

Real Estate

Management of leads and transactions, at all stages of the commercial relationship of real estate entities with the client.