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GO® is a Operational Service Management platform.
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The GO® app enables operational management of services. From control to real-time asset assignment of assets on the ground, the GO application has the flexibility to enable such management online. The GO application also provides reports with the management information needed to monitor the team, and consequently a more concise operational management of the teams, improving the profitability of the service.

GO tablet version

Start Services

New Service tab in services are all sent by the management console to the device.

New Services

In service to start is presented the state of the service, the number of process, type of service and the date of arrival at the place of service.


After start a service de app will be provide a Google map with the location of the intervention, that you can follow during the route.

On Going

In tab ONGOING all services are started by the user and waiting for the change of the state.

GO mobile version

status list

All the tabs with service action are indentifying the number of actions in each one

on going

When the service is started you can identify when you arrived at destination.


The route can be followed on Google Maps showing all the steps and routes to destination

main report

After completed service you can fill a simple report that is sended to backoffice central to adjust metrics of service completed

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