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SmsOnBiz® The SmsOnBiz product was developed to serve as a gateway between the legacy systems of the companies and telecom operators to exchange information with customers, partners and employees via SMS.

This product can be purchased modularly, we have for you the ability to purchase only those components that actually need:
• Gateway · SmsOnBiz_TCPIP - direct connection to the operators for higher speeds;
• Gateway · SmsOnBiz_Modem - by using GSM modem, for smaller volumes;
• Platform Web - WebSMS (Contacts Manager):
   - Submission of a message to multiple destinations
   - Sending lots of - 'n' messages for 'n' destinations
   - Association of mail campaigns
   - Management of the exit and entry boxes of messages
   - Manager Contacts
• Webservice · Interface - send single and bulk, allowing interconnection with other systems via webservices. 


DataOnBiz® is a Plataform for easy setup IT applications, that allows you to create web-based applications, supported on relacional databases.

Our product DataOnBiz, through functional costumization, can be used for different purposes. here we present some of them:
• Content Manager to support websites (Internet, extranet and intranet)
• System control of operating costs for a construction company and real estate business
• Product SurveyOnBiz
Apply for Management of Administrative Processes in the Production of LIC's and CPD's (International Driving Licenses and Carnet de Passage en Douane, respectively) 


SurveyOnBiz® is a Web-based solution built on the framework DataOnBiz and prepared specifically for management the processes Satisfaction Surveys and Outbound Campaigns

Ready to load information based on files exported from other systems, or if you want, assembly automated process for uploading data. The export of responses to questionnaires made is made in accordance with the rules parameterized weighting for each campaign.
The system also allows the management of Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with each campaign or survey, giving an indication "online" on the percentage required to comply with the outcome of the investigation or campaign have statistical value.
The construction of the questionnaire or script, lets you create dependencies on data received questions about the business, or dependencies on answers given. 


WebOnBiz® is a Framework for building Web-based applications, supported on a relational database managed by the application of content DataOnBiz.

Easy to use, allows the selection of components to use on every page, these components previously constructed to provide answers to the greatest needs of enterprise portals: Area Menu, Area News, Area Highlights, etc.
Based on the framework DataOnBiz, we have previously built a model based support to the content of such websites.
As you can see this product was used for the construction of our corporate website, which now sails.