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TaskOnBiz® is a Task Process Management platform.
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TaskOnBiz® is an application for managing tasks. Through a central application it is possible to assign tasks to a team on the ground, identifying the task to be performed, the time of execution and the group to which it is assigned. It allows immediate feedback on acceptance, as well as the possibility of reassigning this task. With the Mobile version, it can be easily used in various business areas.


Event management is important for organizing requests and assigning services to users immediately


The scheduling of all services allows for a greater organization of all tasks and allows the central service to manage the availability and resources involved.

View Timeline

A visualização dos tempos de execução de uma ou varias tarefas permite a gestão do tempo por parte do serviço central assim como por parte do executante de uma forma optimizada.


The distribution of tasks according to the location and availability of professionals in the various places of activity, facilitates and optimizes execution times and improves the costs associated with the service.

TaskOnBiz® Mobile App

The TaskOnBiz mobile application, available on android and ios systems, allows for ease of installation and cost reduction with specific applications and equipment dedicated to the services to be received. We present some of the examples of the screens that the mobile application has and that allow the execution of services and tasks, sending important information to the central service, and changing, anticipating or postponing services for immediate reasons of those who are in the field.